Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts
Designs all Native American Indian style pow wow and dance items, and
seed beaded earrings, and jewelry created as traditional style necklaces which are traditional style to the Nation.

Jewelry seed beaded crafts are not an assembly line, and most you will find offered here are a LIMIT OF ONE simply because they are hand assembled and not mass produced. My earrings are for the distinctive addition to personal Native Styled Regalia. Our beading is for the wearing in the Dance Circle or for personal choice of the buyer. If you find one you like I suggest considering order it before it is gone. If you find one you like that is SOLD OUT E-mail me and I can let you know how long it would be to make another as a Special Pre-Order Item. You are welcome to call me at 620-441-8656

Annlee Cakes desires to be one of the most "Open and Honest" stores on the internet!

And a 100 percent "Interactive Store" with every single customer! That is you!

We respect and honor the rights of every shopper. Have a question? Call 1-620-441-8656 from 3pm to 6pm USA Central Time 

All products SHALL be shipped AS FAST AS WE CAN! Guaranteed. We have been in business for over 22 years.

Most designed products are in #11 Standard or Special Order the design in #15 seed beads for deep depth wonder.

Welcome to My Online Store!
I enjoy crafting most of the items here. Bob does some of the Circle items like rattles, fans and prayer sticks. At times we also will have some other crafters like John whom is a remarkable man, and we invite you to read more about our friend and his accomplishments when you view one of his creations.

We are a small family business.

Visit us at:

Family Jewels

Annlee Crafts

Annlee Cakes



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